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1.  Please read this reading and answer the questions about it.

   Mr Irani goes shopping every Thursday. He usually buys some fruits, vegetables and other things. Last Thursday he went shopping with his friend , Mr Taheri,. They took a taxi to the shopping center. They bought many things: apples, peaches, onions and potatoes. On the way home they went to the baker’s. They bought some bread. Mr Taheri needed some meat, so they went to the butcher’s, too.

1. Where does Mr Irani go every Thursday?

2. How did they go to the shopping center?

3. What did Mr Taheri need?

4. Who is Mr Taheri’s friend?

5. What did they buy in the baker’s?

6. Does Mr Taheri buy some rice every Thursdays?

7. Did Mr Taheri buy some meat  last Thursday?

8. Does Mr Taheri go shopping every Friday?

9. Did Mr Irani buy any meat?

10.Do you sometimes go shopping?

2.  Please read this reading and answer the questions about it..  My family and I went to Mashhad two years ago. We stayed there for two weeks. We had a very good time there. We visited many places. We went to the Holly Shrine several times. A lot of people go to Mashhad each year. They come from different parts of the country.  Last summer my friend, Nahid, went to Shiraz. Her parents come from Shiraz. Now they live in Tehran. She stayed in her grandfather’s house. Her uncles and aunt live there, too. They were very kind and Nahid enjoyed her visit very much.

1. Where did my family and I go two years ago?

2. What did we do in Mashhad?

3. How many days did we stay in Mashhad?

4. How many people go to Mashhad ?

5. When did Nahid go to Shiraz?

6. Where did Nahid stay?

7. Did Nahid enjoy her visit?

8. Do Nahind’s parents live in Tehran?

9. Do Nahid’s uncle live in Tehran?

10. 10. Did you go to Tehran last year?

3. Please read this reading and answer the questions about it.

 It’s Friday afternoon. Mr Salehi and his family are going to the zoo. They are getting ready.

There are many animals in the zoo. Many of them are wild. Lions and tigers are wild animals. Some of these wild animals come from Africa. Some of the animals in the zoo are not wild. Camels and horses are not wild. Wild animals eat a lot of food. Tigers and lions eat a lot of meat.Our city Ourmia is a big city but there is a small  zoo in this city. I like animals and I like to see them.

1. Where is Mr Salehi going?

2. How much meat do lions eat?

3. Is camel a wild animal

4. Are lions wild?   

5. How many animals are there in the zoo?

6. Are all the animals in the zoo wild?

7. Is there a zoo in your city?

8. Do you like animals?

9. Is Ourmia a big city?

10. Do horses eat  a lot of meat?

4.  Please read this reading and answer the questions about it.

      Every morning Mahmood and his friend, Mahdi, walk to school. They are usually at school before eight o’clock. But yesterday they were not. They waited for the bus for half an hour. They arrived at school at 8. The door of the classroom was not open. Mahdi opened the door and they walked in. Their teacher was not in the classroom. Mahdi and his friend walked to their desks. A few minutes later the teacher opened the door and walked in. He said hello to his students. They opened their books and listened to the teacher.

1. Who is Mahmood’s friend?

2. When did they arrive at school yesterday?

3. Who opened the door of the classroom?

4. Why did they get to school late yesterday?

5. Where do Mahmood and Mahdi go every morning?

6. Did they walk to school yesterday?

7. Did they arrive at school 8:20?

8. Did Mahmood or Mahdi open the door?

9. Do you come to school on foot?

10.Do you come to school by bus?

5.  Please read this reading and answer the questions about it.

   This is the picture of a park .You see some people in it . Mohsen and his father are sitting on a bench . Mohsen’s father is reading a newspaper . But Mohsen is eating an ice-cream. He is fifteen years old .    There is a small bag on the bench . It’,s Mohsen’s bag . You see a small  bicycle near them .    The wheels of the bicycle are small , too . It is not Mohsen’s bicycle. His bicycle is big .

1 --در جملات زیر برای جمله صحیح  TRUEو برای جمله غلط  FALSE بنویسید.             

48. Mohsen’s father is reading  book  . (                                   )

49. Mohsen’s bicycle is near them .      (                                   )

2- برای سوالات زیر جواب کامل بنویسید .

50. How old is Mohsen  ?

51. Is Mohsen eating a sandwich  ?

3- جواب صحیح را با توجه به متن بالا انتخاب کنید و در جای خالی بنویسید. 

52. This is a picture of a  …………….. .( house – mosque – park )

53. Mohsen’s bicycle is  ……………… .( small – big – new )